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Books for kids

  • A journey to Ile Ife Palace by Oluwagbeminiyi Olu-Kuti 6-10

  • A long walk to water by Linda Sue Park Ages 10-12

  • Africa is not a country by Margy Burns Knight Ages 8-11

  • An African Alphabet by Eric Walters Ages 0-3

  • Anya goes to Nigeria by FungChung M Nikko Ages 3-9

  • Baby goes to the Market by Atinuke Ages 2-5

  • For you are a Kenyan Child by Kelly Cunnane Ages 3-7

  • Grandpa Cacao by Elizabeth Zunon Ages 3-6

  • Handas Surprise by Eileen Browne Ages 3-7

  • Hansel and Gretel by Rachael Isadora Ages 6-8

  • I love my hair by Natasha Anastasia Tarpley Ages 4-8

  • I love my haircut by Natasha Anastasia Tarpley Ages 1-4

  • Jabari Jumps by Gaia Cornwall

  • Mama Panyas Pancakes by Written by Mary Chamberlin Ages 3-7

  • Masai and I by Virginia Kroll and Nancy Carpenter

  • Mosquitos don’t bite me by Pendred Noyce Ages 9-12

  • Mufaros beautiful daughters by John Steptoe Ages 4-8

  • My little book of I am's by Mildred Talabi

  • My Nigeria by Constance Omawumi Kola-Lawal 4-7

  • Penny and the majic puffballs by Alonda Williams

  • Seeds of Change: Planting a Path to Peace by Jen Johnson Ages 9-10

  • Textures by Katie Wilson Ages 2-4

  • The Big Ceremony by Ozi Okaro Ages 5-7

  • The boy who harnessed the wind by William Kamkwamba Ages 6-8

  • The Mosquito Bite That Changed Olu's Life: by Uchechi Mba-Uzoukwu

  • The Water Princess by Susan Verde Ages 5-8

  • Wangari’s Trees of Peace by Jeanette Winter Ages 4-7

  • We all went to the safari by Laurie krebs Ages 4-7

  • Wherever I go by Mary Wagley Copp Ages 6-9

  • Why the sky is far away: A Nigerian Folktale by Mary-Joan Gerson Ages 4-8

Youtube Channels for kids

  • Bino & Fino Ages 5-7

  • The Africa Channel ‘Black Kids on Black history’ Ages 5-12

  • Turtle taido

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