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Luganda Activity Book 1A (Easy Learning)

by Afrikidz Club (Author), Niyi Olu-Kuti (Author)

A beginner easy learning activity book for the Luganda language for children ages 5-9. A fun and engaging way to get your kids to learn their native language. You'll learn how to recite the alphabets, greet, count 1-10, say your name & age, introduce your family, tell your body parts, call out the different rooms in the house, talk about your emotions, mention some clothes, and say what "I want" and what "I like". In addition to the activity book are engaging tracks located on our website to help with pronunciation and tonation. For completing all the activities in the book, the student is rewarded with a certificate found behind the book.


Afri Kidz club

Committed to raising future leaders by Accelerating cultural education A.C.E.

We are committed to promoting African cultural heritage to children between the ages of 5 to 11.

A fun and engaging experience for children to discover and embrace their African identity, and to celebrate their cultural values and traditions.

Our offering

  • Encourage the younger generation by gifting them one of activity book as a Christmas present. We have the books in Igbo, Twi, Luganda, Swahili, and Yoruba. A fun way to keep the kids engaged as well as learn their native language.

  • We also run term time after school classes.  Our classes provide education on both the culture and the language. An opportunity to experience, discover, perform, transform, laugh, imagine, think, create, experiment, and have fun learning about both the language and the culture. Gift the class experience as a Christmas present

Luganda Activity Book Easy Learning.png

What we do


To provide an overview of the African continent in a bright and well-rounded perspective. We do this by unmasking the vibrant cultures of different countries, the continents wealth, geography and its affirmative history.

Book our afterschool classes, and get your child started on their native language.


To instill confidence and help children solve problems creatively, by working collaboratively with others in a team. It also gives children opportunities to accept and develop responsibility.

Classes to start soon, Please sign up so we can keep you up to date on it. 


To deliver learning in respective native dialects across cultures in Africa. This will allow children to integrate with their “tribe”, to learn and understand their native language, and to help them find their identity in a multicultural world.

Book our afterschool classes, and get your child started on their native language.

We create platforms for children to learn, embrace, and share their cultural heritage in a fun and intuitive way.

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